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Detoxify your life from the comfort of your own home

Do you know what’s lurking in your home?


This program shows you how to improve the toxicity grade of your living quarters. The 5 room home inspection includes the home’s interior as well as exterior and will be assessed for toxins. Your detox consultant will examine your home based on a checklist system, which will be provided to you once the inspection is complete. You’ll be provided with quick and easy tips on how to eliminate them and find healthy replacements. The goal of Operation Detox is to help you reduce the number of toxins in your home and make you aware of any potential health threats.

Our Operation Detox Program includes:

  • 5 room inspection (living room, master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and one additional room of your choice and exterior)

  • Customized checklist of findings

  • Healthy replacement suggestions

  • Phone or email customer support


Most people are not aware of the dangerous ingredients hiding in the products they buy, and which ones to avoid like the plague. Toxins can be found everywhere, in your food and drink, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, household products and your furniture. They are hard to completely eliminate but the key is to be knowledgeable about the things you bring home.


Unfortunately, companies are not being forced to identify certain dangerous carcinogens on their packaged products, leaving you the consumer, in the dark about the potential health hazards.

Did you know that most canned foods are lined with the toxin BPA (bisphenol A)-containing resin? This carcinogen is linked to serious health risks like structural damage to your brain, decreased sperm production in men, the stimulation of prostate cancer cells, and more. Aside from canned goods, you can also find BPA in plastic storage containers; even melamine plastic.

We have a structured system in place and have done the leg work for you! Now, you can make well-informed buying decisions for you and your family.

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e8a49a_e85fe57ab6c4430b8a291598d6f86f0e-mv2When your consultant arrives, you will be asked, if there are any areas of your home you would like us NOT TO LOOK. Please make your request before the inspection begins.

  • In the living room, be prepared for us to thoroughly examine the entire room.

  • In the bedroom, be prepared for us to look throughout the whole room, including, in your closets and under the bed.

  • In the kitchen, be prepared for us to examine the items in your refrigerator/freezer, cabinets, water source in the sink, items on the countertop and the pantry.

  • In the bathroom, be prepared for us to look in the master bath, shower stall, toilet, cabinets, and medicine cabinet.

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