I, Susanna K. Green, on April 24th have taken a vow of silence for one whole day, 24 hours. In this video, I go about my day as normal, except, I DO NOT SPEAK. My goal was to use silence as a form of meditation to remove any chatter from the outside world, to include phone calls, social media, television, etc…

The benefit to doing this exercise was to hear what my body wanted me to know, to hear the whispering’s of my soul and to essentially hear from God in a more clear way.

God does not shout at you, he’s usually pretty subtle in his approach and it’s up to us to listen intently for his guidance. But, we cannot efficiently listen, if we are always talking; talking on the phone, talking to our friends and family and/or even talking to ourselves. I did not realize how much I talked to myself until this experiment. (lol) I honestly thought at one point, I would need to invest in a human muzzle. I had to restrain myself from speaking to my Toy Poodle, Laila. I felt the awkwardness between us and I know she did too. She was not accustomed to me walking through the house not having conversations with her. The whole thing was just weird; but, for a good cause. I felt a bit guilty though because I didn’t want my pooch to feel ignored or neglected or to have any feelings that she did something to deserve a day of abandonment. To make up for not speaking to her and maintain her sense of normalcy and security, I made sure to give her extra rubs and physical attention. I even included her on my ‘Day of Silence’ video.

This experience was phenomenal. Although I did not experience a grand gesture from the Universe, I did experience divine peace and happiness. To my surprise, I did not have one single negative thought the entire day and I felt such peace of mind and joy in my spirit. I had pep in my step and found myself smiling a whole lot. I found myself being conscious of everything. I was present and aware. My spiritual eyes and ears were open and I was ready for whatever was to come. I am truly grateful for the experience and plan to continue to incorporate ‘silence’ into my lifestyle.

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