My household participated in the 7 Day Vegan Challenge that has been circulating online for some time, now. I contemplated joining the challenge for about a month before deciding that I would completely commit. I brought the idea to my husband, asked him how he felt about joining me and said, he’d love to. I’m so blessed to have a husband that sees the value in healthy living.

I warned him, though, that it might get hard somewhere throughout the challenge and that we would have to be disciplined. He agreed. In my mind, however, I had conflicting thoughts about how I personally would manage. I weighed all the pros and cons and started to feel more at ease. I figured, it would be a cake walk for me, since I don’t eat much meat, eggs or dairy, anyway. But, honestly, I was more worried about Michael. He loves his steak, egg and cheese omelets and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

Over the past three years, I have condensed our meat, eggs and dairy intake and upped our fruit and vegetable intake. One method I used was by way of smoothies and juices. We juice and make smoothies, every day. Nowadays, I personally only eat about 25% meat, eggs, and dairy. If on a rare occasion I do eat eggs, it’ll be cage free, vegetarian, organic egg whites. As far as dairy goes, I drink Almond or Coconut milk. When I eat cheese, it’s lactose-free, as are any ice creams or yogurts I buy and so forth. My weakness of the three is cheese. I love it on everything or just by itself, but I noticed, after drastically cutting back on it, my allergies have improved. Dairy causes mucus to build up in the body. Where there is mucus, there is sickness, hence, my allergies.

The time came and we were full-fledged vegans for seven whole days; no meat, no dairy, and no eggs. During the challenge, I came up with meal plans that were slightly different than our normal meals. I scowled the internet for eligible recipes, then, of course, put Health Nut Suzy’s special touch on them. (Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person…lol) This is how I came up with the juice detox recipes in this book. In my book, Health Nut Suzy’s Vegan Recipes, you’ll discover the foods I prepared, cooked and served to my family during the 7 Day Vegan Challenge.

So, I am pleased to announce that the 7 Day Vegan challenge was a huge success!